Kosciusko REMC (KREMC) is having their first-ever drive-through annual meeting at their facilities today.

Typically held at Warsaw Community Church on a Saturday morning, KREMC is moving away from their traditional business meeting and introducing a new format hosted at their facility. Members will drive through the cooperative’s truck bays to vote, receive a $10 bill credit, a gift and a take-home dinner for everyone present. All members are invited to stop by any time between 3:30 and 6:30 p.m. today.

KREMC released a video on Monday of this week to report on the state of the cooperative. The video also talks about their high-speed internet service, Kosciusko Connect, according to a news release from KREMC. KREMC members received the informative video in their email inbox; it can also be seen on the cooperative’s website.

“We missed getting to connect with our members when we had to cancel our 2020 meeting due to COVID-19,” said KREMC President and CEO Kurt Carver. “We’re all looking forward to seeing our members again this year as we try out this new meeting format.”

Drivers should be aware that there may be extra traffic on East Old 30, South CR 250E and Lake City Highway (U.S. 30) near the KREMC building this afternoon.

KREMC has planned carefully to minimize the chance of backups, and they have enlisted the help of police officers to move traffic safely and efficiently, the release states.

“We ask that our members bring their copy of June’s Indiana Connection Magazine with their ballot filled out,” said Carver. “This will help us avoid any slowdowns, making the drive-through a great experience for everyone who comes.”

Students and 4-H participants who applied for KREMC scholarships this year must register to be eligible to win. Applicants are welcome to register at the annual meeting or at KREMC’s facility on or before today. Applications were due May 1; next year’s scholarships will open soon.

For more information about the annual meeting, visit the website at  https://kremc.com/news/kremc-annual-meeting/.