Luke Kummer
Luke Kummer
People can listen to author Luke Kummer talk about his book about Pablo Picasso and his writing process during a Zoom event through Ivy Tech Warsaw at 10 a.m. March 25.

Kummer’s book, “The Blue Period,” talks about the early life of Picasso, from being a child to his post-adolescent life, Kummer said.

While Picasso lived to be 91, Kummer’s book ends in 1904, when Picasso was roughly 23.

At this point in time, Picasso was poor and wasn’t known as the artist that he now is, Kummer said.

A personal tragedy changed Picasso.

A friend, Casagemas, went with Picasso to Paris to visit the World's Fair in 1900. There, Casagemas fell in love with Laure Gargallo, who ultimately spurned his affections. Casagemas committed suicide in 1901, Kummer said.

Picasso was tranformed by this. He had worked in lively styles before this and then he went into a deep depression and used a lot of blues and greens, Kummer said.

He said while he doesn’t have a background in art history, he was, in a way, drawn to the story of how one event can change a man and art in general.

During the Zoom event, Kummer also will be talking about his writing process.

He will speak about writing with empathy. He said writing is about understanding your subject and conveying that information.

The Zoom event is open to the public.

“The Zoom class will occur during one of my normal class time periods with Zoom, but Ivy Tech Warsaw has allowed us to open the session to the public,” said Shari Benyousky, professor of English and humanities at Ivy Tech.

People can register by going to

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting, Benyousky said.

Benyousky explained how the event happened.

“My friend Danielle Boggs-Robertson, an actress, props maker for the Wagon Wheel, and volunteer at the Chicago Museum of Natural History, connected me with Luke Kummer through her work in Chicago. Luke and I connected via Zoom and brainstormed how to discuss his first novel, ‘The Blue Period,’ with my Ivy Tech composition class. Ivy Tech and the Warsaw chancellor, Allyn Decker, have been very supportive in our efforts to expose students to new thinking and communication options,” Benyousky said.

After Kummer speaks March 25, guests and students will be welcome to ask questions about Picasso, the book and Luke's writing process, Benyousky said.

Kummer said young writers are learning a lot in their early careers and there’s a lot to learn about in regards to writing with empathy.