The Indiana Department of Education released the 2020 state graduation rates, showing a statewide increase from 87.29% in 2019 to 87.69%.

However, locally, only the rate for Tippecanoe Valley went up in 2020 compared to 2019 as all others went down, albeit slightly.

“This modest improvement in Indiana’s 2020 graduation rate is encouraging, especially as Hoosier students and educators have tackled unprecedented challenges throughout the pandemic,” said Dr. Katie Jenner, Indiana secretary of education, in a news release Friday. “As evidenced by data and research, we know a person’s educational attainment impacts their future quality of life, health, living wage employment and sustained earning. That’s why it’s critical we continue to increase the number of students graduating from high school, as well as encourage strategic K-12, postsecondary and employer partnerships to maximize lifelong success for every Hoosier student.”

The 2020 state graduation rate reflects the State Board of Education’s waiver of the Graduation Qualifying Exam requirement for the 2020 cohort, which could not be administered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the news release.

Due to differences between federal and state accountability equations and standards, IDOE also released 2020 federal graduation rates. In 2020, Indiana’s federal graduation rate was 87.01%. Indiana’s federal graduation rate for 2019 was 86.46%.

The state graduation rate for Wawasee Community School Corporation, is 89.95%, with 179 out of 199 students graduating in 2020. That is slightly down from 90.99% in 2019 with 212 of 233 graduating.

Warsaw Community School Corporation’s graduation rate for 2020 is 91.94%, with 479 out of a cohort of 521 graduating. That also is down, from 95.49% in 2019 with 487 of 510 graduating.

The federal graduation rate for Warsaw is slightly different for 2020 at 91.76%, with 479 out of 522 graduating. Out of all the area school corporations, WCSC is the only one showing a difference between the state and federal graduation rates for 2020.

WCS Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education Dani Barkey explained, “The answer is slightly different rules. In this case a student was missing from the cohort and the state didn’t know where the student ended up (once they transferred out they never registered at another school). The state does not count this against the graduation rate but the federal government does.”

At Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation, the graduating rate for 2020 is 95.69%, with 111 students out of a cohort of 116 graduating. That is up from 87.92% in 2019 with 131 of 149 students graduating.

Whitko School Corporation’s is 87.50%, with 91 out of 104 students graduating in 2020. That is down from 88.89% in 2019 with 104 out of 117 students graduating.

Triton School Corporations’ rate is 86.27%, with 44 of 51 students graduating in 2020. That’s also down from 2019 when 91.57% students graduated, or 76 of 83.

At Manchester Community Schools, the graduation rate for 2020 is 94.35%, with 117 from a cohort of 124 graduating. That’s a dip from 2019’s graduating rate of 95.35% with 123 out of a cohort of 129 students graduating.

The state graduation rate for Wa-Nee Community Schools for 2020 is 91.67%, with 209 out of a cohort of 228 graduating. That is down from 92.17% in 2019 with 200 of 217 graduating.

In non-public schools, Pierceton Woods Academy had five out of a cohort of 11 graduate, for a rate of 45.45%. That’s up from 21.43% in 2019 with three out of 14 graduating.

Lakeland Christian Academy had 13 of 16 graduate, for a rate of 81.25%, in 2020. That’s down from 84.62% in 2019 with 22 of 26 students graduating in the cohort.

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