This week, Kosciusko County is designated “orange” in the Indiana State Department of Health’s COVID map.  

As per the Governor’s Executive Order, social distancing of 6 feet or more is required in public settings and masks are mandatory in public settings. Businesses of all types are required to post face covering signage at entry points. Social gatherings are limited to 50 people. Attendance at winter indoor sports events is limited to 25% capacity. Schools remain open on a case-by-case basis – with encouragement to remain open, if possible, according to a news release from administrator Bob Weaver of the Kosciusko County Health Department.

The KCHD supports Gov. Holcomb’s executive order and will respond to complaints with enforcement interventions as the law permits.

Given the rapid escalation in cases, it is anticipated that Kosciusko County may be designated “red” in the weeks ahead.  Should that occur, the Governor’s Executive Order mandates further restrictions on social gatherings and community events, stated the release.

Local and regional hospitals are nearing capacity, with some diversion of non-urgent care. Compliance with Holcomb’s executive order may give them a hand.