Editor, Times-Union:

In 1952, I was asked by my country to go into the United States Armed Forces. As a result of going into the Army, I was sent to serve in Korea as a medical corpsman. I have been proud to be a veteran of the Korean War because, as a man who was brought up to love his country, I am glad I was called to serve my country in a small way.

Like many other of my fellow veterans, I proudly wear a cap that shows I am a Korean veteran. Many people have come up to me and said, “Thank you for your service.” In addition to that polite recognition, just in the last month, people I did not know and did not have opportunity to thank, have paid for a haircut, paid for a Subway and today paid for our lunch at Bob Evans for my wife (she, too, is a veteran) and I.

To these wonderful people, I say as a big a thank you as I can find from the bottom of my heart.

Ronald Bradford

Warsaw, via email