Editor, Times-Union:

I am writing to tell you about the Kosciusko County Jail drug rehabilitation programs. I am talking about the drug court, JCAP and Serenity House programs. These programs were implemented for those incarcerated with substance abuse problems and facing current drug charges. While the programs have seen success, I feel the selection process has not given equal opportunities to the inmates who face similar charges. While some people charged with Level 2 drug offenses were accepted into these programs, others are told that they are not allowed to participate in the same programs for the simple reason that they are currently charged with Level 2 drug offenses.

While it is a given that is not possible to get every inmate who has a drug offense into these programs, it is troubling how the selection process seems to be biased. Picking individuals by their name and not because of their charges or drug abuse history. These programs were created for inmates with addiction problems and last-chance offenders (drug court). The JCAP program is never even close to being filled to capacity, leaving spots unfilled, even though there are inmates wanting to participate. Inmates without drug charges are being offered the drug court program while, like I said, before other inmates with drug charges are being turned down. Us inmates are asking for a fair and EQUAL opportunity to participate.

I believe I am speaking for the majority of the inmates on this topic. We are asking for the public to show support by telling KCJ that you, the public, hasn’t given up on us, so the people in charge of these programs shouldn’t give up on us inmates, either. So if you read this and belive ALL inmates should be given a fair shot at these programs offered, please call or write the Kosciusko County Jail and let them know that you believe all the programs should be open to all the inmates.

Thank you for your support and God bless!

Frank S. Daniels, Peter Devine, Anthony Miller, Brandon Long, Jacob Craft, Justin West, Frankie Conley, Nicholas Hull, Kile Patrick, Christopher C. Castle, Damonte Phillips, Billy Truex, Chris Booth,

Dustin Swinholle, Jacob Hale and Nathan Yoder

c/o Kosciusko County Jail