Editor, Times-Union:

The leaders in China (with encouragement from the leaders of Russia) is guilty of deliberately letting this horrible virus get started. Neither of these countries care about any of their people contracting this disease, dying or being very ill. They have no humanity and they certainly don’t care about how contagious it is. They certainly don’t care about any other country that has been affected and nearly paralyzed. What better way to nearly shut down the world!

Persons being affected, the economy as we have seen. They hate the USA and if we become their victim, they could be world leaders. (These are socialist countries.) But sadly, they don’t admit to a higher power that is in control - God!

He doesn’t cause these catastrophes, but, even though, they are caused by the forces of evil to work, He gives us the strength to ge through this bad and sad time. But, be sure if this is a deliberate plan to really affect the world over, as it has done, their day of judgement will come. God will judge!

Pray for our country, our president and all that are at the front line to have victory over this virus. Pray for all countries that have been hit so tragically hard.

God bless America.

Pat Caudill

Silver Lake