Editor, Times-Union:

Democrats want to blame President Trump for the problems we are encountering with COVID-19. But things could have been worse had Democrats gotten their way in 2016.  

Hillary would have been our president. If she had continued the Obama policies, the economy would have been growing at a snail's pace. The stock market might have been over 25,000 if she had continued dumping "funny money" that was based on the good faith and promise of the government instead of anything of value into the market. The Chinese might have exposed this practice and crashed the markets. So by now the stock market might have been well below 20,000 by now. We might have been in a depression by now thanks to Hillary.  

If Bernie had been our president, we would have still been dependent on other nations for most of our oil and gas instead of being energy independent. There would have been a massive government employment system that would have rivaled the New Deal employment programs of FDR.  The minimum wage would have soared which would have closed down businesses that couldn't have afforded the increase which would have made the government employment programs of Sanders more attractive. Medical rationing would have been mandated since the Medicare budget would have been in danger of being exceeded constantly. There would have been a doctor and nursing shortage due to the decreased salaries.  

Hillary and Bernie wouldn't have imposed tariffs on Chinese goods and might have encouraged more companies to move to China to cut costs. China would have kept the tariffs on American goods. We might have been more dependent on China economically. And there would have still been intellectual theft by the Chinese. As long as we were friends with China, it wouldn't matter how much they hurt us.

There wouldn't have been a travel ban, which means the number of infected people might have been double what it is now and the death toll would have been much greater. For all we know, patients with COVID-19 might have been brought here to be treated. But with the restrictions in place, the government would have been called on more to do what it couldn't do and the private sector might have been shut out from helping.  

With a crashed economy instead of a cushion like what Trump helped produce, health care in danger of collapse, elderly people being considered expendable by the death panels and general chaos in America, we are lucky a businessman instead of a "swamp creature" was elected in 2016.  We might have been stuck with a Democrat in the White House because no self-respecting Republican would have wanted to inherit the disaster left for him by the president.  And with God being shunned by the government, America wouldn 't have had a prayer of recovering for quite awhile.  

Rick Badman

Warsaw, via email