Gerald Cox as Norman Thayer and Todd Lucas as Charlie Martin are deep in conversation. Photo by Carol Anders.
Gerald Cox as Norman Thayer and Todd Lucas as Charlie Martin are deep in conversation. Photo by Carol Anders.
When the lights dim tonight for the Center Street Community, the audience will be transported back to a time when summers meant a slowed down way of life and maybe just listening to the waves and the loons.

The four-day run of “On Golden Pond” through Sunday at the Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts promises to appeal to all ages as the sentimental play  reveals the complexity of family relationships.

The play begins in the Maine summer home of Norman (played by Gerald Cox) and Ethel Thayer (played by Beth Anne Cox) where the family is gathering for Norman’s 80th birthday. Daughter Chelsea (as portrayed by Melissa Jordan) brings a new set of conflicts into the occasion by suddenly showing up with a boyfriend (Jay Rigdon) and his son (Deaglan Gardner).   

Director Cindy Nash has been part of the Center Street group from their inception and performed in a number of plays, but this is her debut as director. She said, “Directing is definitely a bucket list checkoff.” By day, Nash is a music teacher at both Claypool and Harrison Elementary Schools.

Nash said she has acted with every one in this production in previous plays, except Gardner. She said, “They feel like my family.”  Gardner is a 14-year-old student at Lakeview Middle School who will be performing for he first time at the Wagon Wheel.

Since Gerald and Beth Anne Cox are married in real life, Nash said they have the built-in interactions that married people have and are able to carry those feelings in their parts. They have both been involved with the Center Street Community Theater since the first show.

Jordan has acted in a number of productions and directed both the “Lend Me a Tenor” and “The Curious Savage.”

Nicole Miller is serving in a double role as assistant director and lending her voice to the part of the operator in the production.

Todd Lucas steps out of his ongoing performances with the Main on Main Comedy Improv Troupe to play the part of the mailman who has feelings for Chelsea.

The six-person cast began rehearsing for three nights each week since January.