Editor, Times-Union:

In 2013, I joined LifeLock. It was a personal account!

Approximately, a month ago, I ask about Norton 360 and I was told that they could not process my membership at that time. Well, I stopped getting notifications going on and could not get anywhere. Either their computers were down every time I called or they could not gain access.

So here, I go to cancel and to my surprise, they told me I had to get ahold of my employer at that time. I told them all they needed to know. I ask for a supervisor. Even she could not cancel my account.

This has gone on for over two weeks. The other day, I had to go to my bank and cancel my bank account so LifeLock could not take any more out of my account. So one last time I called last night to see if my account had been solved? No it had not and their computers were frozen. Well, I joined AAA and with that I get roadside service, discounts, etc. for a yearly cheap rate once a year with the same service that LifeLock offered. Instead of paying every month, pay a yearly service fee with all the coverage I had with LifeLock.

Rick Ellis