Thursday, Oct. 3 has all of a sudden become an important date on the calendar.  Promoted as “Bring Your Bible To School Day,” students across the nation are encouraged to carry the Word of God into the halls of learning.  Quarterback Drew Brees has championed this event, encouraging young people to exercise their constitutional right of freedom of religion and expression. Opposition has only helped to promote this event and bring to light the character and integrity of this New Orleans Saint.  

There would have been a time in our nation when encouraging students to take the best-selling book of all time into schools would not have been an issue. The irony is that in the early days of our country the Bible was a “textbook.” My grandfather learned how to read in a one-room schoolhouse in Iowa from Scripture.

Our politically charged and correct society tries at every chance to push God and His Word out of our society. Kudos to Brees and Focus on the Family who encourage all to live according to timeless Judeo-Christian values.

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