Warsaw’s Board of Public Works and Safety will convene in special session at 8:15 a.m. Friday in the city hall council chambers, 102 S. Buffalo St.

The meeting is pursuant to Indiana Code § 36-8-3-4 for the presentation of disciplinary action or proceedings against certain members of the city of Warsaw Police Department.

The meeting is open to the public.

A Warsaw City Council member told the Times-Union the meeting is to discuss the fate of two Warsaw police officers who reportedly shared body camera video of a Jan. 25 incident with Warsaw City Council member Mike Klondaris.

That night, Police Chief Scott Whitaker, while off duty, is said to have followed a driver home after she was driving erratically. When the driver went inside the home, her husband came out to put the car in the garage. Whitaker said he “helped the man to the ground,” while audio posted on the city of Warsaw website suggests the man, a 74-year-old retired attorney, was taken to the ground.

The officers are on paid administrative leave because they were not authorized to share video evidence with someone outside the department, the council member said.

Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer declined further comment on the content of the meeting, saying only that the results of an internal investigation will be shared Friday morning.