BOURBON – A new roof over the fire station in Bourbon will likely be the next major project the town council and township officials may need to tackle.

The roof has had temporary repairs made over the last couple of years, however, if the repairs do not continue to stop the leaking, water damage could affect the foundation.

The potential need to have the entire roof repair was discussed at the February council meeting.

The fire station is funded by both the town and the township budgets, so both will have to agree on the details of any project. The fire department is housed in the building owned by the town of Bourbon, but the contract between the town and township stipulates 50/50 payment from each of their budgets.

The town council requested Fire Chief Mike Chapman obtain three quotes for needed repairs or replacement. They had secured one quote from Morris and Sons Roofing for $58,000. According to town clerk-treasurer Kim Berger, the council is also seeking different opinions on what is needed.

After the meeting, Berger said part of the fire department area is in the existing old building and the other part was added during the late 1970s-80s.

The council is planning to address the issue again at its regular March meeting.