Editor, Times-Union:

I would like to express my gratitude to Commissioner Bob Conley for his recent leadership in creating a more protective wind ordinance for Kosciusko County.

As one of his constituents, Bob listened to my concerns about potential wind projects in Kosciusko County and took action. He was very willing to read research on the effects of industrial wind turbines placed too close to homes, as our old ordinance would have allowed.

As a member of the Kosciusko County Plan Commission, he was instrumental in helping to make a more protective wind ordinance for Kosciusko County and represented one of the unanimous commissioner votes to change the ordinance.

I want to keep him in office! Please cast your vote for a man who truly cares about the safety and welfare of his community. Please re-elect Bob Conley Kosciusko County Commissioner.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Plummer-Studebaker

South Whitley, via email