Recently, Whitko alumni Dan Cochran and Scott Rupert, along with their local motorcycle group, Jingoes Motorcycle Club, visited South Whitley Elementary School and presented Principal Bryan Emmert with 21 backpacks they collected for students in need. The backpacks were well received and the message, according to Cochran, was, "You always have a friend in a biker. So, I mean, if you're ever in trouble or you need anything, and you see one, feel free to come up and ask for help." The idea to donate the backpacks started a few years ago, and has since become a tradition for the group. Thanks to their assistance, they're helping families reduce their back-to-school costs, one backpack at a time. Pictured is Principal Bryan Emmert (L) accepting the backpack donation from Cochran, Brad Coy and Rupert.