A Syracuse woman is facing domestic battery charges after allegedly clawing her boyfriend in the face.

Amber Lee Tomblin, 31, of 7 EMS D18B Lane, Syracuse, was arrested and booked into the Kosciusko County Jail at 9:20 a.m. Thursday for domestic battery with a bond of $500.

Court documents filed Tuesday list the charges against her as domestic battery with a child under 16 present, a level 6 felony; and domestic battery, a Class A misdemeanor.

On Jan. 3, Kosciusko County Sheriff’s deputy Travis Mickem responded to a fight in progress at Tomblin’s address. He spoke with Tomblin and her boyfriend.

Tomblin told officers that her former boyfriend and current boyfriend got into a fight. There were red marks on the neck and arms of Tomblin and facial injuries around the boyfriend’s eye. He said his injuries were caused from a fight he had with Tomblin’s former boyfriend. Tomblin said her old boyfriend left the house a short time ago and was hiding in a cornfield, but he was not found.

Later that evening, another call was made to police regarding a fight at the same address. Mickem responded with three other officers. They talked with the current boyfriend who said his injuries were caused by Tomblin after she became angry with him. She clawed him on the face, causing the area around his eye to bleed, according to court documents.

When officers talked with Tomblin, she accused her current boyfriend of beating her for the past 10 years. As of this morning, he had not been arrested.

Present in the house when Tomblin clawed her boyfriend was a child under 16.

A no contact order was entered Tuesday.