SOUTH WHITLEY – Whitko Jr./Sr. High School recently had its 2020-21 Senior Awards Program and gave out awards and scholarships.

The following are the scholarships  selected by the Whitko Scholarship Fund Committee:  

•    Cleveland Township-South Whitley Volunteer Fire Department – Erin Starkweather

•    Sidney-Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Department Scholarship – Summer West

•    Luann Warner Memorial Scholarship –  Brent Studebaker

• Whitley County Community Foundation Presentations – The following scholarships are a few of the scholarships the Foundation oversee for Whitley County:

•    Daniel D. and Martha J. Rock Memorial Scholarship – Matthew Collier

•    Daniel E. Bolinger Memorial Scholarship – Aiden Hoffman

•    DeMoney Grimes Life Science Scholarship – Selena Leininger

•    Gene C Carter Memorial Scholarship – Gage Howard

•    HANDS Scholarship – Abigail Arter

•    Robert and Grace Karst R.N. Scholarship – Kaci Thomas

•    Whitley County Builders’ Association Scholarship – Gage Howard

•    Wilbert and Louise Luderman Scholarship – Selena Leininger

•    Manufacturing Your Future – Gage Howard

•    Manufacturing Your Future – Aiden Hoffman

• Whitley County Extension Homemakers FACS Achievement Award – Claire Horvath