AKRON – Funding for Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation’s 1-to-1 program comes from the capital projects fund (CPF), which the school board discussed Monday.

The CPF was the only part of TVSC’s 2020-21 budget reviewed at the special work session.

Keith Lang, director of technology, talked about how the school corporation was improving on their 1-to-1 instruction.

“We’ve learned something through our COVID closure. One of those things was that we needed to get  devices” for their elementary school students, he said.

Those devices have been ordered, as well as new ones for the middle school, as Lang said this year is the year for the middle school to “refresh” their devices. The school corporation is getting the same devices across all grade levels.

The device is a 2-in-1 laptop that converts to a tablet. Students can tap on the screen instead of typing on the keyboard all the time. The screen is made out of Gorilla glass, so it can’t be broken, he said.

Lang said the school corporation ordered 880 devices.

He said TVSC needs a better way of controlling the devices. One example Lang gave was that high school students who took Advanced Placement (AP) courses were required to use a certain software for the class. When “out in the wild,” there was no easy way for the school corporation to install the software on the devices. TVSC was at the point were students were going to have to drive to their school to download the software in the parking lot.

TVSC purchased software that will allow the school corporation to push out software to an end-user, no matter where the end-user is.

“It’s also going to give us the ability to remotely image the device if we have to,” Lang said.

As far as licensures required for the devices, Lang said it is not based on the number of devices the schools have, but the number of instructors.

Todd Glenn, maintenance director, discussed some of the maintenance projects the school corporation is going to look at in the 2020-21 school year.

Glenn said TVSC is looking to put in LED lights at Burket Educational Center.

At Mentone Elementary School, TVSC is going to start putting money aside for the roof.

“That’s going to be a half million dollar project,” Glenn said.

The west end of the roof is done, now TVSC is going  to “do the central area and the east end,” he said.

TVSC is also going to put money aside for HVAC upgrades.

“We’ve  got money already there for energy management,” Glenn said. The boiler and chiller are 20 years old, “so it’s time to start storing away money for that.”

The school corporation is going to take care of  the parking lots over the summer. However, Tippecanoe Valley Middle School is surrounded by roads, so TVSC is going to have to repave some roads, including a curved road on one side to the TVSC campus. There is a lot of potholes on some of those roads.

At the high school, there are some sump pumps at the high school that need to be replaced.

Glenn said at some point, the school corporation is going to have to drain the pool and work on the tiles.

There were no numbers available to the media as Superintendent Blaine Conley said the school budget is a rough draft and subject to change.

Corporation Treasurer Jessica McFarland said during the Aug. 13 school board meeting, the school board will go through the entire budget. Information pertaining to the budget needs to be uploaded into Gateway and the school corporation’s website by Aug. 30. There will be a public hearing on the budget Sept. 21.