Michael Angelo Messina
Michael Angelo Messina
A Nevada man is facing stalking, intimidation and harassment charges after making threats against a local man and the man’s family and friends.

Michael Angelo Messina, 24, Las Vegas, Nev., was arrested and booked into the Kosciusko County Jail at 1:06 a.m. today on a preliminary charge of stalking violations. His bond was set at $50,000 surety and $250 cash.

Court documents filed Dec. 12 list the charges against him as stalking, a level 5 felony; intimidation on a law enforcement officer, a level 6 felony; intimidation, a level 6 felony; intimidation, a Class A misdemeanor; and harassment, a Class B misdemeanor.

On May 30, Warsaw Police officer Ryan Coble spoke with the victim who said he has a weightlifting account on Instagram. He said that in March or April, he was contacted by Messina who offered to send free shirts for the weightlifting site for his advertisement. The victim provided Messina his address for the shirts to be mailed to. Shortly after, he began receiving messages from Messina.

On May 7, 8, 25 and July 12, Messina contacted Child Protective Services and said he had received information that the victim was asking for nude photographs and talking sexually to juvenile girls. Messina said the victim was having unprotected sex with underage girls and touching girls inappropriately. In one of the calls, Messina said he was misinformed and did not want to ruin the victim’s reputation.

The victim told Coble that since then, he has received constant harassment and threats against his friends if he did not do as requested. When he did not answer Messina, Messina would threaten the victim’s friends or send false, derogatory information about the victim to them. The victim said Messina threatened his friends and a juvenile friend.

Messina also threatened to have the victim thrown in jail, calling him a pedophile, and that he was going to expose him if he does not stay in contact with him, according to court documents.

Coble spoke with one of the victim’s friends who verified Messina had made threats to him because he was friends with the victim. The friend said that on June 5, he received threatening messages from Messina about his sister and that Messina was going to beat him up. Messina then told the friend that the victim was going into bodybuilding gay porn and was having sex with minors.

Coble obtained threatening messages dated Sept. 18 from Messina to a person the victim knows. Messina said the person was going to get jumped and that Messina knows where he sleeps and lives.

On Oct. 23, the victim received a package at his father’s residence. His father, a law enforcement officer, recognized the package as coming from Messina and immediately took that package to Coble. Inside the package was a cellphone.

The father advised that when the package arrived, he immediately received messages from Messina, stating he was going to report the phone as stolen and have him charged with crimes and that the father was going to have legal problems. Messina also advised he had contacted the father’s employer.