SIDNEY – Topics of what to put on the town’s quarterly flyer was discussed during the Sidney Town Council meeting Monday.

Councilman Brandon Allen brought up the idea of reminding residents their dogs should be on their leads or leashes. He asked what ordinances the town had in regards to dogs or pets.

Clerk-Treasurer Lisa Parrett said she believed it was a standard ordinance.

The idea came after Allen received a complaint that a resident’s dog was bitten by another dog.

Council President Sharon Rancourt said she spoke with Lisa and came up with the idea of inserting a business card into the flyers so residents had the town’s information. The town’s email is and the phone number is 260-823-1005.

Rancourt also said a reminder that open burning is not allowed has been in the past two flyers and will be in the one the Council is putting together.

Lisa asked if she should have the flyer done by March 1. Rancourt said yes, so the Council could have it out by mid-March. Lisa asked Council members if they wanted anything else on the flyer between the meeting and when the flyer was finished to let her know.

In other business, there were no updates to the sewer rate increases that  were discussed during the January meeting. During the January meeting, raising the sewer rates from $73 to $75.56 a month was discussed.

Rancourt said she is still collecting information in regards to the sewer rates.

Lisa asked if the vote would still occur in April. Rancourt said she thought the vote on whether to raise the rates could still happen in April. The Council could present information in March and vote on the information in April.

Councilman Gavin Parrett said that could happen, especially with Turkey Creek Regional Sewer District Superintendent Tim Woodward making a presentation at their next meeting.

Rancourt asked if it was reasonable to finalize all the information, think about it for a month and vote on it. The other Council members agreed to that.

In other business, Rancourt confirmed with Lisa that the contract with SiteWorx was complete to do the plowing when snow had 4 inches of snow or more. Allen said SiteWorx has plowed twice since the last Council meeting.

The next meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. March 8 at the Jackson Township Fire Station.