One Warsaw’s mission statement is to inspire inclusion by supporting, educating and celebrating all people.

The nonprofit community-building organization hopes to do that from 4 to 8 p.m. Saturday downtown Warsaw with its first annual “Celebrating Us” event.

“It’s (our) first event. It’s going to be our yearly signature event. It kind of came from some past events that the community had kind of put together that we wanted to rebrand and take a little bit different approach, just as far as education and inspiring change and inclusion in the community and what inclusion looks like,” said board member Lyle Schrock.

Saturday’s event will be in the city hall parking lot, the block of Center Street between city hall and the county courthouse, and on the courthouse lawn.

“We’re going to have different foods from around the world, and then we’re going to have 20 to 25 booths of different organizations, different companies and things that help with inclusion of all people on many different levels – whether that’s disability, or Hispanic or the Indian community or LGBTQ, etc. So there will be a lot of informational booths just to help educate people,” Schrock said.

There will be a main stage with “something” going on at all times, with time in between performances filled by music, he said.

“But we’re going to have some dancers, we’re going to have an improv group,” Schrock said, adding that there may be a rapper and/or singer among other entertainment.

Children will be able to enjoy some bounce houses, while adults can partake in some traditional games on the courthouse lawn.

“In the future we hope to expand that and have more cultural and different games and different things, but this being the first year we tried to pull things together that we think (are) organizations that are doing really good things within our community or close to our community and hope to expand on that,” Schrock said.

While there will be free samples of some of the food, a person also can purchase more of the food if they want.

“Since there’s going to be so many different types of food that some people may not be familiar with, that’s why we’re doing samples,” Schrock said.

There will be a dunk tank where people can purchase balls to throw to drench the person sitting in it – from a local attorney to a city common council candidate. Proceeds from the dunk tank will benefit a nonprofit, which was to be decided.

All other activities at Celebrating Us will be free.

Schrock said there are quite a few sponsors for Saturday’s events and they’re posted on One Warsaw’s Facebook page and other places.

“I think we have 20 or so sponsors for the event, which is really awesome,” he said.

So bring everyone you know to the event.

“Totally family friendly, kid friendly. We want to keep it just open. That’s what it’s about – it’s about including everybody and just getting to know people and getting to know them as neighbors rather than what you might see on the outside or what your perception is. Actually getting to know people just as your neighbor because we are all just people,” Schrock said.

The event is rain or shine.

“Just come and see what it’s all about, and learn what good food we have in our community and what good people and organizations we have in our community trying to make it a better place,” he said.

One Warsaw became a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization earlier this year. It has six board members, including Schrock, Travis McConnell, Jama Brown, Keri Jackson, Kristin Hale and Jaden Kreft. Along with its Facebook, its email is