MENTONE – The town of Mentone is now the owner of two Clearly Kosciusko signs and looking to receive two more.

Alex Hall, associate director of Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams, told Mentone Town Council during its meeting Wednesday that Clearly Kosciusko is an initiative started at the Lilly Center that partners with other organizations.

“Clearly Kosciusko offers visitors and residents a wealth of opportunities to thrive with family and friends, reinspire life-long learners, and leverage the lakes’ economic impact. Whether you are a county resident or an overnight guest, you are invited to play, learn and grow alongside us,” according to the Clearly Kosciusko website.

It’s a community brand like you would see “Pure Michigan” for the state of Michigan, Hall said. The Center has been working on it since 2017, a visual brand the community can get behind.

Clearly Kosciusko is licensed and copyrighted, Hall said.

Hall showed the Clearly Kosciusko signs to the Council and said it just takes the initiative to have someone put it up. Mentone was the first ask, Hall said.

Susie Light, of Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation, said there are steps the town would have to take because if Mentone puts the signs up on Ind. 25, that is an Indiana Department of Transportation road and a form would have to be filled out. Light said Hall would give the Council the link to the online form.

Councilman Tim Croy said any signs that are put up within town limits do not require any permits from the state. Light said the Council can figure the details out.

The Council said yes to the two signs. Croy asked if they could have two more so they could put them on Ind. 19.

In other business, it was suggested a church resubmit a legal description combining two parcels of land. This was suggested in order to fix a problem the church has in regards to a piece of the land it believes it owns but was told it doesn’t.

Cal Jackson, of First Baptist Church of Mentone, first came to the April Council meeting about the issue. The church owns two parcels of land near each other it wishes to unite and it wishes to put up a pole building. However, there is part of the land that, under the current legal description of the properties, doesn’t belong to the church. That is hindering the church from putting up the building.

The Council was involved because it may have vacated the alley.

Town attorney Andrew Grossnickle looked into the issue and on Wednesday said the Kosciusko County Assessor’s Office rejected the church’s deed because the legal description that was submitted didn’t match the legal description of what was on file.

Grossnickle said when he talked to the assessor’s office, he was told the office drew the property lines according to the ordinance of the alley vacation.

Jackson said he will work with the assessor’s office.

In other business, the Council:

• Learned hydrants will be flushed starting at 2:30 a.m. or 3 a.m. Friday.

• Learned NIPSCO will be moving a gas line in an alley between Franklin and Wabash streets.

Utilities Superintendent Josh Shepherd said he will move forward on the quotes for tile work that will need to be done. NIPSCO was asked to move the gas line due to work on a storm pipe that needs to replaced.

• Held a budget hearing, but numbers were not available yet to the media.