NORTH MANCHESTER – Manchester University President Dave McFadden announced Thursday that Manchester University is moving foward to open its North Manchester and Fort Wayne campuses in fall 2020.

“After careful consideration and weighing a number of options, Manchester University plans to open its campuses in fall 2020,” he said in emails to students, faculty and staff. “The health, safety and well-being of students and everyone in the Manchester community remain top priorities, and we are developing strategies to deal with physical distancing, cleaning, use of masks, additional technical equipment and more when we return to campus. We are using local, state and federal health guidelines, as well as the expertise of our own health-care experts, to set up the best practices possible.”

Before students and employees return, the university will provide online training to share what the expectations are and what individuals can do to reduce risks in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“While this schedule might need to change based on what transpires with COVID-19 and state and federal guidelines for higher education, making this announcement now gives everyone time to plan for fall 2020,” McFadden said.

The university anticipates bringing students back to each of its campuses using its standard timeline, starting in August. Some students arrive on campus as early as two weeks before the start of classes.

In-person classes will begin Sept. 2. Like many schools, Manchester will move to remote teaching and learning after Thanksgiving. The semester will end Dec. 18.

“Finishing the last two weeks of the semester remotely will minimize student travel to and from potential hot spots over Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving break will be extended to a full week, allowing additional time for students to travel home.”

To see the three-phase reopening plan leading up to the first day of classes, visit