In Kosciusko County, K21 Health Foundation is looking for ways to invest in organizations that are impacting residents in health and wellness.

Live Well Kosciusko is committed to helping the community be a healthier, better place for everyone to live, according to a news release from K21. They are a nonprofit organization focused on community health by overseeing the Cancer Consortium, the Employer Wellness Coalition and the Tobacco Free Coalition. Live Well Kosciusko is helping to provide the community with resources and educational programming to enhance the lives of all its residents and is the lead organization in obtaining and maintaining the Healthy Community designation received from the Wellness Council of Indiana.

K21 Health Foundation recently approved an $85,000 grant to support their continued growth and impact.

“We are very impressed with the impact Live Well Kosciusko is already having in our community and the great work they do,” said K21 President & CEO Rich Haddad. “Most recently, they helped facilitate the completion of the Gallup Well-being Survey in our county, which will set the groundwork for K21 and other organizations to pinpoint areas where we can help make a positive difference within the communities and populations they serve.”

“We all want to live in a society where each of us is thriving, and any limitations or barriers are no longer in our way. We are excited to continue our growth and impact in improving the lives of the residents of our county and helping each of us live our best life,” said Lisa Harman, president and CEO of Live Well Kosciusko.

K21 Health Foundation exists for the benefit of Kosciusko County residents to ensure health care services are provided, and to advance prevention and healthy living. For more information about the K21 Health Foundation, call 574-269-5188 or visit