Warsaw Community Public Library Board of Trustees on Monday approved a raise for the library director’s salary for 2020.

The raise for Director Ann Zydek’s salary was approved at 3%. Chris Merrill, chairman of the board, stated the 3% is the traditional amount for a raise, with special exceptions.

According to Merrill, the 3% raise will bring Zydek’s salary up to $107,774.05.

The board also learned of some work that will need to be done to the building.

According to Bruce Hively, facilities manager, about three weeks ago the library had a belt break on its compressor on the dry sprinkler system up in the attic and then developed some leaks.

“We had the leaks taken care of,” Hively said, pointing out there was a little sediment in the piece of pipe he brought to the trustee meeting.

“So the one sprinkler company that repaired that suggested that we flush the system out,” he said, stating the system gets filled every two or three years on its own  because of testing.

Hively said he has three contractors looking at the system and giving him suggestions of what can be done, whether it be flushing or removing the pipes. He also said flushing would not fix all the problems.

“In fact, at the very beginning, once you flush it, it’ll create more leaks because that sediment you see there probably is covering up some corrosions and leaks,” he said. Once the pipes are flushed, he said, those corrosions and leaks will be exposed.

The work will create a mess and will probably make it necessary for the library to be closed for a day or two.

“We’re getting as many options from the three contractors as possible in what they’re recommending, and once we have that we hope to have that by the next board meeting and go from there,” Hively said.

The library also has a crack on the east side of the building where the 1960 edition and the Carnegie were brought together in the brick work, Hively said.

Getting that fixed by the winter is a necessity, he said, stating he’d like to go from the crack all the way to the south side of the building, over to 1996 edition and get that tuck pointed.

Hively explained what tuck pointing is.

“In between each brick, mortar over time will break out, chip out and it’s called tuck pointing when you put that mortar back in there,” he said.

He also stated the limestone where it says Carnegie is really dirty, so he’d like to get that cleaned up, as well as doing some more tuck pointing in some other areas of the buildings, such as in some spots around the windows. However, it also depends on how much money they have to do it.

The board also:

• Learned the library added enough hotspots that it lowered the amount of people on the hold list for hotspots, according to Joni Brookins, assistant director.

• Approved signing the internet consortium resolution.

“It means we’re part of the state’s contract for our internet cost,” Brookins said. “Unless we want to pay $30,000 or more a year for internet” the library has to sign the agreement.

• Heard public wifi will be down Thursday in order to have work completed on it.