Warsaw City Councilman Mike Klondaris was among the first to file paperwork early this morning and said that he wants to continue having a role as the city continues to grow.

The District 3 representative is finishing his second term on the council, and said he made the decision after consulting family, friends and community members.

“I want to continue working towards our goals, which is built on our comprehensive city plan for a sustainable business environment in a rapidly growing Warsaw,” Klondaris said in a prepared statement.

The two-term Republican, 67, also referenced online criticism that has been directed toward him and other Republicans, including Mayor Joe Thallemer.

“I encourage people to do their homework. Look past the negative noise on social media and you’ll find a local government that is delivering results with sound investment strategies built on integrity that’s going to carry us forward into a very promising future,” Klondaris said.

He credits Thallemer for leading the city in a way that provides for planned growth and pointed to the certified tech park that has entered a second phase of expansion.

“We have been laying the foundation for tomorrow and laying the groundwork for our community’s growth for the next 50 years,” Klondaris said.

“The growth that we are currently experiencing as a community is no accident; it’s taken a lot of hard work by elected officials, civic-minded business leaders as well as city department heads and employees.”

He said it’s been an honor and privilege to serve the people of the 3rd District.

“Every issue I’ve studied and weighed, and every vote I’ve cast, I’ve done so with the people in mind,” he said.

The 3rd District includes the southwest part of the city, generally south of Winona Avenue and west of Winona Lake.

Klondaris filed paperwork this morning at the Kosciusko County Clerk’s office.

The filing period began today and continues through Feb. 8.

The primary election will include races for Warsaw, Winona Lake and Syracuse.