The Warsaw City Code Enforcement handed down a fine to one homeowner Tuesday and heard from a disgruntled former tenant of another property.

Alan Kado, of Elkhart, appeared for a hearing in front of Tom Earhart Tuesday to discuss the progress being made at his 704 E. Center St., Warsaw, property. Kado was accompanied by his attorney, Travis McConnell, who told Earhart his client has, in large part, addressed and/or fixed items on a lengthly list. Those problems included everything from the top of the house to the bottom, basically, including roof problems to the front porch’s stability to windows and smoke detectors. It also came out during the hearing that the property – which is used as apartments – has had a longstanding cockroach infestation that has yet to be dealt with.

After hearing from building commissioner Ray Behling that he did an inspection there last week and progress is being made, Earhart continued the matter to the next meeting for another progress report.

That wasn’t good enough for former tenant Kaylee Edwards, though. She asked Earhart why Kado is being given so many chances when it’s clear to her that he hasn’t fixed anything for years. It was only after she reported the conditions to the city that he has begun making repairs, she said.

Edwards said she began renting there in April and moved her and her children out in July. That move-out included throwing all of her furniture in the dumpster, she said, because of the roaches. Edwards also contended that she got harassed by Kado and the maintenance husband and wife team Kado employed after she reported the building. She claims that harassment caused her to lose her job.

Edwards said her reason for attending the meeting is because she doesn’t want Kado to be allowed to continue to provide dilapidated, squalor-like conditions for young families to live in.

Kado’s next order of business is to continue repairs and show proof of purchase for new windows, starting with the bedroom windows.

Also Tuesday, Earhart handed down a fine for $100 per day to 509 N. Columbia St. homeowner David Decker for failing to get in compliance with a garage project.

Decker did not appear at Tuesday’s hearing, as was requested, and the project has been out of compliance for a long time, Earhart said. The fine took effect Tuesday, with Earhart adding, “It’s going to be a lot more expensive project now.”