Kosciusko Leadership Academy cadets got an overview of philanthropy in the county from Kosciusko County Community Foundation CEO Suzie Light at the last KLA meeting.

Light has worked for the foundation for 25 years, and the foundation recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Philanthropy, as Light explained, is simply sharing your time, talent and treasure. Since its founding in 1968, the KCCF has existed to help others do that, according to a news release from KLA.

Light said, "We are a nonprofit organization that brings caring people together to improve the community.”

Community foundations have become the fastest growing way to give in the United States, now with one in every county in Indiana.

What makes a community foundation different from other organizations? Light cited three things: 1) a permanent endowment 2) broad, flexible purpose (to fit any community need) and 3) personalized giving that fulfills the intents of the donor.

Today, the KCCF has over 446 endowed funds and $57.3 million in assets. It awarded $2.5 million in 2018, and over $33 million since 1992. This is a testimony of the generosity of those who are living and who have lived in Kosciusko County, she said.

"We live in a very blessed community, but it’s not by accident,” said KLA moderator Allyn Decker.

The next KLA session will cover the orthopedic industry in Kosciusko County.

Since 1982, KLA has invested in the emerging leaders of the community – people who possess a passion to serve and the courage to lead others, the release states. KLA conducts sessions each year that give students access to the frontline issues in the community. KLA's vision is to develop innovative leaders equipped to tackle the future challenges of the community.

For more information about KLA, visit kosciuskoleadership.org.