Students at Grace College are hosting a stand against human trafficking starting March 21.
The stand begins at 4 p.m and ends March 22 at 7 p.m.  They are asking people in the community to rise and stand with them as they fight one of the biggest industries in the world.
They have a goal of ten people standing per hour, so they can have a total of 270 people standing. They are asking each person who stands to give $5 toward their goal of $2,700, and to ask people to financially support them as they stand.
The event will occur in Alpha Hall lobby and coat room. To sign up for an hour slot, go to alpha dining during lunch hours or email
Human trafficking is a major problem even in the U.S.  Over 300,000 U.S children are enslaved every year, according to the Indiana Attorney General’s Office. The U.S is also the greatest importer of trafficked victims.
Slavery did not end in the 1800’s, according to International Justice Mission, which is organizing the stand nationwide.
All around the country, college students are starting movements to fight human trafficking. IJM is enabling students to host a 27-hour stand for freedom, to represent the 27 million people that are enslaved around the globe.  
The goal of the stand is to raise $270,000 nationwide, raise awareness, and get people to sign a petition that will be sent to President Obama, asking him to make a budget for efforts against slavery.
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