A former Wawasee Middle School and High School wrestling coach was arrested Friday following an investigation by  Indiana State Police into alleged inappropriate contact between the coach and a juvenile female student.

Police said Joshua M. Vallejo, 29, of 1404 Ranch Road, Warsaw, allegedly had inappropriate sexual contact with a female student that attended Wawasee Middle School while he served as the middle school wrestling coach. The contact is alleged to have happened four to five years ago.

Vallejo was arrested Friday and faces preliminary charges of sexual misconduct with a minor, Class B felony; and child solicitation, Class D felony. His preliminary bond was set at $25,250.

The alleged contact occurred prior to July 2014 when Indiana began to classify felonies as levels.

Following his arrest by the Indiana State Police, Vallejo was taken to the Kosciusko County Jail.

Wawasee Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Tom Edington released the following statement Friday afternoon: “Wawasee Community School Corporation was informed Friday afternoon that Josh Vallejo, former Wawasee Middle School wrestling coach and Wawasee High School wrestling coach assistant, had been arrested for inappropriate sexual misconduct with a minor. Mr. Vallejo coached during the 2012-2016 wrestling seasons. Wawasee strongly supports student safety and had conducted background checks on Mr. Vallejo. We will cooperate with authorities in every possible way to bring about resolution of this situation.”

Court documents filed Friday in Kosciusko County state that at 9:10 a.m. March 12, 2018, at the Warsaw Police Department, an ISP detective sat down with the victim. She said she was in the seventh grade at Wawasee Middle School at the time of the alleged incident.

She said Vallejo would drive her home and even took her to a restaurant, and he paid for their meal. After the restaurant, they went to a bowling alley and discussed her giving him oral sex in his car. Nothing happened that evening.

One afternoon Vallejo drove the girl home and pulled his pants down and she gave him oral sex. She stated she didn’t want to do it anymore because she couldn’t breathe. When a car came along, he pushed her head back down. After the encounter, he gave her a piece of gum. She said there was no kissing and Vallejo only touched her head.

She said they discussed him giving her oral sex as well. She said the events occurred sometime between November 2013 and February 2014.

On June 25, she took three detectives and her mother on the route she said that Vallejo drove her from the middle school to her home. She also described his clothing and his genitalia.

On Aug. 9, Vallejo agreed to speak with investigators at Warsaw Police Department.

He admitted to taking students home from school, including the victim. He said he was the head wrestling coach beginning in 2009.

He admitted to taking the victim to the restaurant she mentioned, and admitted to recently reaching out to her via Facebook messenger on Aug. 8, 2018. He said he took the victim home at least three times, and admitted he texted her, telling her they could go somewhere and that is where that got him in trouble.

“How did I even let it get that far,” he said. “I never did anything that wasn’t consensual.” He also said, “I would never make anyone do anything that they didn’t want” and “I was young.  ... I?don’t think I was even 21 at the time.”

He said he told the victim, “If this happens, we can’t say anything because I will get in big trouble.”

WPD and Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office assisted state police with the investigation, according a news release from ISP.

The investigation of Vallejo by ISP?began in March, the result of information presented to state police detectives that the allegations were not previously reported as required by law.

The circumstances of the delayed reporting are the subject of a separate and ongoing state police investigation.  When this investigation is complete it will be forwarded to the Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office for review.