Whether the Warsaw Municipal Airport will receive Federal Aviation Administration funds this year to lower power lines at the end of a east-west runway is still up in the air.

During the Board of Aviation Commissioners Tuesday afternoon, Airport Manager Nick King said, “As of right now, it is not official yet, but I do not believe Warsaw was selected for supplemental funding for this year. We did hear that Fort Wayne International and Evansville both received a little over $9 million each for ramp projects. Although I will say it’s not 100% against us yet because we have not been notified we did receive funding and we have not been notified we did not receive funding.”

He said it’s “very, very difficult” to get information from the FAA right now. He’s talked to people in Washington, D.C., and Chicago but no one knows when Fort Wayne or Evansville will receive those funds.

“We’re all waiting for a little bit more information, but as of right now we are not on that preliminary list. I’ll keep the board updated as soon as I hear anymore about that,” King said.

Board President Jay Rigdon asked which specific grants he was referring to. King said it was the 100% supplemental grant.

Another grant the Warsaw Airport applied for was the 90/10 grant from the FAA. In the 90/10 grant, the state would pay half of the city’s 10% of the costs to lower the power lines.

“We have made the application for the power lines for this year, and that decision won’t be made until later this year,” King said.

Rigdon asked if Fort Wayne and Evansville “sucking up all that money apparently” in the supplemental funding gives Warsaw any hope there’s more discretionary funding to be given out.

“That is the hope, but we just won’t know until we get some more information because those funds could be 2019 funds, they could be 2020 funds,” King said.

The information on the $18.1 million supplemental funding to Fort Wayne and Evansville came from a news release from U.S. Sen. Todd Young.

A May 9 release from Young’s office stated Fort Wayne is in the midst of a “vital apron improvement project to support safe and efficient aviation operations. The $9.2 million AIP grant will support the expedited conclusion of this project while enhancing operational flexibility and improving safety at the facility.”

On April 30, 2019, Young sent a letter to the FAA to support Fort Wayne International Airport’s AIP grant application.

The release also states Evansville’s current general aviation ramp infrastructure and the airfield drainage system will be upgraded to support airport operations. The $8.9 million AIP grant will support a reconstruction project, “which will prevent flooding and sinkhole development, preserve overall airport infrastructure, and ensure unimpeded commercial operations.”

On April 30, 2019, Young sent a letter to the FAA to support Evansville Regional’s AIP grant application.

At the board meeting Tuesday, Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer asked if Warsaw needed its congressional delegation to rewrite its letters for this round of funding. King said those letters were sent with its grant applications.