A commercial building on Walton Boulevard, Warsaw, housing two businesses was hit by an SUV at 2:28 p.m. Monday.

No one was injured, but the exterior wall and windows of Rise ’N Roll Bakery, 2568 Walton Blvd., and The UPS Store, 2562 Walton Blvd., were damaged. The damage estimate to the SUV and two buildings was $5,000 to $10,000, according to a Warsaw Police Department accident report.

Della J. Pollock, 64 East Main Street, Silver Lake, told police she had entered the Rise ’N Roll parking lot and wanted to park the red 2019 GMC Terrain in the space in front of the bakery and The UPS Store. As she started to turn left to enter the space, her SUV suddenly accelerated forward. She said she tried to stop her vehicle, but it kept going and went over the curb and sidewalk before hitting the side of the building, damaging the exterior wall and windows of both stores. She then backed up her vehicle and parked, the report states.

Pollock told officers she did not understand what happened or why it happened. She said she applied the brakes while the SUV was accelerating but it still went forward. She said after the collision, the SUV was not continuing to push into the building and had stopped accelerating at that point.

The accident report states the south exterior wall of the building was pushed in and bent, and multiple windows were broken or shattered. The damage was done to the southeast corner of the bakery and the southwest corner of The UPS Store.