BOURBON – Police Chief Bill Martin presented his monthly report to the Bourbon Town Council Tuesday showing multiple activities.

His report showed an average speed over the posted speed limit to be 19.9 mph. Of 12 speeding tickets given, six were for doing 74 to 78 in a 60 mph limit and two were for speeds of 89 and 95 in a 60 mph zone.

According to Martin, only one bid was received for the sale of a 2013 Dodge Charger that had been replaced. The bid for $4,500 received was from a party with an Illinois address. Although the bid was received one day after Monday’s deadline, the board allowed the bid since it was postmarked prior to the deadline and there was no mail service on Columbus Day.

Board members agreed to allow the bidder 10 days to complete the transaction and to accept only cash for the entire amount.

Martin asked the board members for guidance concerning parking problems on one street. Martin said one of the three residents on a block parks a vehicle on the sidewalk. It was noted that the houses in question are closer to the street than now permitted; however, they were grandfathered in since they were built prior to the current setback standards.

When the town received a $300,000 grant for street and sidewalk improvements, the sidewalk in that block was replaced by a 5-foot sidewalk where the width was previously only 4 feet. It was noted that the driveways for the homes were not long enough for parking and at least one of the properties has a curb that would prohibit a resident to park in their yard.

After a lengthy discussion, the board concluded that if problems with parking on sidewalks arise, they will be heard by the board on a case-by-case basis.

On other matters, Ball Auction agreed in writing to cancel a contract they had with the town concerning a lot owned by the town on Center Street. The town had demolished a house in severe disrepair and had entered into an agreement to sell the property. At this point, the board is pursuing ways to have it used for Habitat for Humanity clients.

Bourbon Town Council met in executive session prior to its regular monthly meeting Tuesday. All three board members, Larry Wattenbarger, Les McFarland and P.J. Hanley, were present.