The Warsaw Housing Authority is accepting proposals for existing, rehabilitated and newly constructed housing units that would be interested in entering into a contract for up to 20% of the affordable housing units to have Project Based Voucher housing assistance.  The Project Based Vouchers could be for housing developments in the City limits of Warsaw.  There are 40 available vouchers.

    Proposals should include the site address, acquisition and proposed construction timeline, and site plan.  In addition, the following information should be included in the submission to be evaluated.

    1.  Term of contract requested

    2. Owner experience and capability to build or rehabilitate housing.

    3. Extent to which the project furthers deconcentrating poverty and expanding housing and economic opportunities.

    4. If applicable, the extent to which services for special populations are provided for on site or in the immediate area for occupants living in poverty.

    5. New construction that will be restricted to low or very low income.

    6. Projects that are accessible to public transportation.

    7. Projects that are owned or developed by non-profit organizations that have a solid record or effective property management.

    8. Developments that have experience with the Housing Choice voucher program.

    In order to have proposals to be considered, the owner must submit a letter of intent and then the proposal to the Warsaw Housing Authority,

P O Box 387, Milford IN 46542 or [email protected] by May 15, 2023.  The proposal must respond to all the requirements outlined above.  Late and incomplete proposals will not be accepted.

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