Tippecanoe Valley High School – 2023/24 Football Field Turf Replacement and Related Work

    All bids must be filed to the Tippecanoe Valley’s Administration office located at 8343 State Road 19, Akron Indiana 46910 prior to 9am on June 12, 2023, and clearly marked Renovation of TVSC Football Field Turf Replacement and Related Work. The sealed bids will be publicly opened in the Administration office conference room at 9am on June 13, 2023, to be acknowledged and to be referred to the Business Manager for tabulation. The award of the bid will be finalized by the TVSC School Board on June 19, 2023. Bidders and interested parties are invited to attend both the bid opening and the bid award.

Scope of work

    A. Professionally spray and eliminate all vegetation. This should be done two different times, with the second application two weeks after the first application in order to kill all existing root systems.

    B. After all vegetation is killed, the field should be graded to the proper desired slope and depth, so when the topsoil is imported it will be consistent depth.

    C. A Lateral drainage system shall be installed in parallel laterals using 4” ADS stock tile and shall be connected to a 4” perimeter drain and tied into the existing drainage access point. The drainage trenches need to be backfilled with pea stone to allow for drainage and any spoils must be removed to properly allow the water to flow.

    D. Supply and spread 6” of appropriate Natural Native sandy loam topsoil over the entire field.

    E. Lazer grade topsoil of the field to provide a 1% crown.

    F. A sprinkler system shall be installed with in all areas inside of the existing track. The sprinkler system shall be tied into our existing well supply. The design and layout of the sprinkler system is preferred using 6-inch I-25 Hunter Heads on swing joints for sports field.

    G. Lazer grade sub grade of field to provide a 1% crown, as site will allow.

    H. The field shall be drilled seeded in cross directions with 10 – 12 pounds of Excuturf Athletic Mix per 1000 square feet.

    Note: All work will be checked and inspected on a regular basis and TVSC remains to right to change, correct all work on site.

Company Qualifications

Prospective bidders must be bonded and provide a copy of their liability insurance. Prospective bidders must also furnish five (5) references of projects that are of like size and scope of work.

Start and Completion of work

    All work must be started after the conclusion of the 2023 season, Est.  October 27, 2023, and must be completed by the start of the 2024 season. The finished field shall be inspected by the appropriate TVSC personnel prior to final payment.

    Additional Questions of to schedule a site visit, Contact:

Brad Carter, TVSC Maintenance Director at (574) 598-2762 or Email to [email protected]

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