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    A. Notice to Bidders: Qualified bidders are invited to submit bids for Project as described in this

Document according to the Instructions to Bidders.

    B. Project Identification: Plymouth Public Library Furniture

1. Project Location: 201 North Center Street, Plymouth, Indiana 46563.

     C. Owner: Plymouth Public Library.

1. Owner's Representative: Steven Buras.

    D. Architect: Arkos Design, Inc., 117 Lincolnway West, Mishawaka, Indiana 46544.

1.    Project Manager: Sally Anglemyer.


3.    574-257-0000.

    E.    Project  Description:  Project  consists  of  General  Furniture,  Library  Shelving,  and  Custom Furniture, for the Library Renovation.

    F.    Construction Contract: Bids will be received for the following Work:

1.    Multiple Contract Project consisting of the following prime contracts:

    1. General Furniture. (Bid Package G).

    2. Library Shelving.  (Bid Package S).

    3. Custom Furniture. (Bid Package C).


    A. Owner will receive sealed bids until the bid time and date at the location indicated below.

    Owner will consider bids prepared in compliance with the Instructions to Bidders issued by Owner, and delivered as follows:

    1. Bid Date: October 31, 2022.

    2. Bid Time: 11:00 a.m., local time.

    3. Location: Plymouth Public Library, 201 North Center Street, Plymouth, Indiana 46563. Attention: Steven Buras. Laramore Meeting Room.

    4. All bids shall be hand delivered or received by mail prior to the time listed above.  All bids shall be concealed in an envelope within the delivery envelope with the name of the company and contact information clearly marked on the outside of the inner envelope. Clearly note which bid package is included on the outside of the inner envelope. If bidding on multiple Bid Packages, place each Bid Package in a separate envelope.  Refer to Instructions to Bidders for additional information on Submission.

    B. Bids will be thereafter publicly opened and read aloud.


    A. Bid security shall be submitted with each bid in the amount of 5 percent of the bid amount. No bids may be withdrawn for a period of 60 days after opening of bids. Owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive informalities and irregularities.


    A.    A prebid conference for all bidders will be held at Plymouth Public Library, 201 North Center Street, Plymouth, Indiana 46563 (574-936-2324) on October 18, 2022, at 3:30 pm. local time. Prospective bidders are encouraged to attend.


    A.    Printed  Procurement  and  Contracting  Documents:  Obtain  starting  October  10,  2022,  by contacting Arkos Design Inc. Documents will be provided to prime bidders only; only complete sets of electronic documents will be issued.


    A. Bidders shall begin the Work on receipt of the Notice to Proceed and shall complete the Work within the Contract Time. Furniture installation will commence 14 days following substantial completion of construction.  Construction bids will be received on October 31, 2022 and the schedule will be shared shortly after. Construction is anticipated to take 9 to 12 months and will be phased. Construction shall begin around January 9, 2023.  The furniture will be delivered in 2 phases. One phase will be 6 to 9 months into construction.  The second phase will be 9 to 12 months into construction.  Bidders will be responsible to coordinate the order of materials to avoid storage fees for the originally established delivery dates prior to ordering materials.   The successful bidders shall communicate and coordinate often with the design team to track progress and adjust accordingly.  Storage fees as a result of construction delays will not be the responsibility of the furniture vendor.


    A. Bidders must be properly licensed under the laws governing their respective trades and be able to obtain insurance and bonds required for the Work.  A Performance Bond and Payment Bond for  Custom  items  and  Insurance  in  a  form  acceptable  to  Owner  will  be  required  of  the successful Bidder.

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