TO: George Aaron Ford

    4101 N. Centennial Dr.

    Bloomington, IN 47404



    Kosciusko County

    c/o Chad Miner

    Miner & Lemon, LLP

    313 S. Buffalo St.

    Warsaw, IN 46580

    (Persons with Substantial

    Interest of Public Record)

*** NOTICE ***

    YOU ARE HEREBY notified that Steve McSherry intends to file a Verified Petition for Tax Deed for the following described tract of real estate located in Kosciusko County, Indiana, towit:

    Lot Number Eight (8) in Block Number Twenty-three (23) of Unit Number Four (4) as shown on the survey and Original Plat of Oak Grove Beach, on Lake Palestine, Kosciusko County, Indiana.

    (Key No. 025-706004-37)

    (Parcel No. 025-006-296)

    (Common Address: Parcel Aprx 40ft S of 5715 W Quail Rd)

    on or after July 30, 2019.   The Petition for Tax Deed will be filed in the Kosciusko Circuit Court. On or after July 30, 2019 the Petitioner intends to petition the Court for a tax deed to be issued.

    The description of the tract or real property shown on the Certificate of Sale is shown above and you are believed to be an owner, or a person with a substantial interest of public record.

    The tract of real property above described was sold at commissioners' tax sale on April 1, 2019.

    The purchaser at tax sale was: Steve McSherry.

    Any person may redeem the tract or real property.

    The amount of the judgment for taxes, special assessments, penalties, and costs under I.C. 61.125-2 to redeem the tract or real property is as follows:

    A. The amount of the minimum bid under I.C. 6-1.1-24-6.1(b)(5) for which the tract or item of real property was last offered for sale;

    B.    Ten percent (10%) of the amount for which the certificate was sold;

    C. The attorney's fees and costs of giving notice under I.C. 6-1.1-25-4.5;

    D. The costs of a title search or of examining and updating the abstract of title for the tract or item of real property;

    E.    All taxes and special assessments on the tract or item of real property paid by the purchaser after the sale of the certificate plus interest at the rate of ten percent (10%) per annum on the amount of taxes and special assessments paid by the purchaser on the redeemed property; and,

    F.    All costs of sale, advertising costs, and other expenses of the county directly attributable to the sale of the certificate of sale. The tract or real property has not been redeemed.

    The purchaser or the purchaser’s assignee is entitled to receive a deed for the tract or real property if it is not redeemed before July 30, 2019.

    The date of expiration of the period of redemption is July 30, 2019.

    If the real estate is not redeemed, the owner of record at the time the tax deed is issued may have a right to the tax sale surplus, if any.

    Dated this 8th day of May, 2019.

                                        ROCKHILL PINNICK LLP

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Steve McSherry

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