Notice is hereby given that MLF Biotech, Inc., a corporation organized under the Indiana Business Corporation Law (the "Corporation"), with it principal place of business in Kosciusko County, Indiana has been voluntarily dissolved under and pursuant to Resolution of its Board of Directors and sole Shareholder, in accordance with IND. CODE § 23-1-45.

    Any person(s) with claims against the Corporation should mail a statement of such claims to the following address:

    John A. Tucker, President

    101 East Church Street

    Leesburg, IN 46538

Such statement of claim shall include the following information:

    a) The name of the claimant,

    b) The address of the claimant,

    c) The amount of the claim,

    d) The date the claim came into existence,

    e) The basis for the claim, and

    f) A copy of any writing that establishes the claim.

    Any and all claims against the Corporation will be BARRED unless a proceeding to enforce the claim is commenced within two (2) years after the publication date of this Notice.

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