Pursuant to IC 4-32.2-4-5, the Kosciusko County Community  Fair, Inc. is publishing notice that an application for an annual bingo license has been filed by:

    Kosciusko County Community  Fair, Inc. PO Box 1093 1400 East Smith Street Warsaw, IN 46581

Location of Bingo Event:

    Kosciusko County Community  Fairgrounds  Shrine Building

    1400 East Smith Street

    Warsaw, In 46580


    Anthony Himes, Richard Miotto Jr, Brian Snyder, Robin Snyder, Kristen Messmore, Kenneth Parcels, Kevin L Harris Sr., Sheal Dirck, Benjamin Jacobs, Nathan Rhoades, Randall Shepherd, Tony Zimmerman,  Michael Bowers, Jeanette Wood

Officers of Organization:

    Shane Checketts: President

    Anthony Himes: 1st Vice President

    Richard Miotto Jr.: 2nd  Vice President

    Sheal Dirck: Treasurer

    Kevin L. Harris Sr.: Secretary

    Any person may protest the proposed issuance of the annual bingo license. Protest letters must be received within fifteen (15) days from the date the last posting appears. The Commission shall hold a public hearing if ten (10) written and signed protest letters are received.

Address Where Protest Letters Should be Sent:


    Attention: Diane Freeman

    Charity Gaming Division

    East Tower Suite 1600

    101 W. Washington St. Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

7-30, 8-5 hspaxlp