Notice of Public Hearing

Notice Is Hereby Given, That the Kosciusko County Area Plan C·ommission Shall Hold a Public Hearing on a Petition Filed By Round Table Consortium Requesting Subdivision and Plat Approval for the Following Real Estate, Key Number: 008-021-062 and on the East Side of Huntington 8t. & 0 Feet West of Branch St. in Turkey Creek Township.

And Described As Follows, To Wit:

A tract of land in the Southwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter of Section 6, To,vnship 34 ",orth, Range 7 East, Turk·ey Creek Township, Kosciusko County, Indiana, more particularly escribed as folIo

Commencing at the Northeast comer of the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of said ection 6; thence South 00° 14'05" East, (basis of bearings established by INDOT VRS Base, sing NAD83 Indiana East coordinate' system), 257.29 feet to the Southeast comer of the property conveyed to Larry A. Hill Sr. in Document No. 2015010203 also being the Point 0 eginning, being 0.2 feet East ofa 1/2" pin; thence South 00°14'05" East, 136.43 feet to a 1/2" pin in concrete at the Northeast comer of the property conveyed to Charles S. & Tamara J Mohler in Document No. 96-12-0181; thence South 56°48'40" West, along the North line of said ohler property, 193.20 feet to a point on the centerline of Huntington Street; thence North

33 °59'44 If West, along said centerline, 251.50 feet to the Southeast corner of the property conveyed to Jared M. Gordon in Document No. 2018070741; thence North 88°29'40" East, along he South line of said Gordon property, 202.29 feet to a 1/2" pin in concrete at the Southeast comer of said Gordon property also being the Southwest corner of said Hill property; thence orth 74°05'57" East, along the South line of said Hill property .. 103 .. 49 feet to the Point of Beginning, containing 0.97 acres more or less.

This Hearing Will Be Held In The Commissioners Room On Wednesday, April 1, 2020 At 1:00 P.M. All Interested Persons Are Invited To Attend To Be Heard. Written Comments Will Be Considered If They Are Received In The Office Of The Kosciusko County Planning Department, Court House, Warsaw, Indiana, No Later Than 12:00 Noon On The Day Of The Hearing.

Kosciusko County Area Plan

Daniel W. Richard Director