A Warsaw Community High School graduate and former Warsaw Community Schools teacher has written a book geared toward educators.

“Concept-Based Instruction: Building Curriculum with Depth and Complexity” was written by Brian Scott and published by Prufrock Press Feb. 15.

Scott was an elementary school teacher at Atwood Elementary, Leesburg Elementary and Eisenhower Elementary from 1983 to 1994.

Scott said the book is a professional book. It is “written for educators using integrated subject matter, and students working deeply with content. It applies the works of contemporary leaders in the field of education and relates them to practical and manageable classroom environments,” Scott said in an e-mail.

According to the description of his book, it is intended to help educators translate the works of leading educational thinkers into concept-based units, “challenges all students to think through active and meaningful learning experiences.” It also     “shares tips for creating units in writing, literature, reading, social studies and science.”

Scott said he used that type of teaching while an elementary school teacher, saying concept-based teaching help students connect certain subjects together, teaching certain overarching concepts such as relationships and change as a concept. It helps students connect certain concepts in different subjects together.

“Concept-based means everything has to do with everything,” Scott said.

Scott was encouraged to write the book by his wife, who had been assigned to teach high-ability students and had no idea of how to do concept-based teaching.

It took approximately 18 months for Scott to write the book, with a year to actually write the book and about six months to do any edits.

It is available on the publisher’s website at www.prufrock.com for $34.95 for a paperback, $27.95 for a pdf and $62.91 for a bundle of the book and the pdf. The book is also available on Amazon for $23.08. Scott also said the book is available at any of the large book sellers, such as Target and Barnes & Noble.