Kelly Mager
Kelly Mager
A Warsaw resident will be discussing her book at 11 a.m. Tuesday at Warsaw Community Public Library.

Her book is titled “15 Ways for New Moms to Manage Stress & Stay Sane: The Actually Useful New Mom Care Package.”

Kelly Mager said that during Tuesday’s event – held on WCPL’s Facebook page and YouTube channel – the book will be discussed, as well as the self-publishing process. Her book is self-published.

Mager doesn’t believe there will be a question-and-answer segment during the event, but people can post comments and questions to the library on either format.

Mager’s book targets people who are pregnant or have young children, and it gives them different ways to deal with stress, as well as possible things to change to minimize the stress of parenting, she said. The tips are meant to make people feel more in control and confident.

Mager’s book was published in November. She said she started writing it in May during the beginning of the pandemic.

Mager said when quarantine started, watching TV every night wasn’t productive, so she thought of what other things could be productive. Her youngest children, twins, just turned 2 and Mager thought she had some insight on what new parents go through as far as stress.

“I did the whole write as you know, and I wrote down some notes,” Manger said. When she looked at her notes, she realized she had almost enough for a book.

Mager said she realizes everyone’s life is different, so she hopes people can pick what tips work for them.

One example of a tip she uses in the book is joining a free parenting community. When joining the community, Mager said she hopes the information she has in the book is fresh in the reader’s mind. She said she hopes her readers, when joining a free community, are able to communicate information they’ve learned to other people and vice versa.

Mager self-published the book through Direct to Digital because she wanted to maintain control of the book’s publishing.

Mager also noted she is a bookworm and has noticed some mistakes in other books she’s read and wondered how to get in touch with people to get them fixed. She said by self-publishing, if she notices any mistakes in her book, she can go in and correct it.

The book is available in print online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It is also available in eBook through Kindle and Apple, among other places. The printed version is $9.99 and the eBook is $4.99.