The Wagon Wheel Theatre is presenting their 2021 murder mystery, “Lyrical Pursuit: Win, Lose or Die” at 7:30 p.m. April 23 and 24 at the Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts.

It is a game show with a murder in the bonus round. Lyrical Pursuit, the popular game show where knowledge of lyrics could lead to fame and riches has come to town. Host Sparky Duke, played by Glenn Hall, of Pierceton, invites audience members to challenge current lyric king, Furlong Shemp, played by Tim Davis, of Warsaw.

But before the show is over, someone winds up dead.

Other locals cast in the show include Rochester’s Betty Martens as Melody Maker; Emily Shipley, of Warsaw, as Daisy; Ben Freiburg, of Warsaw, as Joe; Theresa Daggett, of Warsaw, as Dell Spiggens; Jason Dugger, of Warsaw, as Lucky Puck; and Katie Polk, of Warsaw, as Judy. Directors are Kathryn Anders and Jennifer K. Shepherd, both of Warsaw.

Tickets are $20 each or $150 for a team of eight. Get tickets online at or by call 574-267-8041.

Wagon Wheel staff encourage attendance as a team-building event as well.

For more information about the Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts and upcoming shows and auditions, visit their website.