The casts and directors of tonight’s one-act plays at Warsaw Community High School are shown. Photo by David Slone, Times-Union.
The casts and directors of tonight’s one-act plays at Warsaw Community High School are shown. Photo by David Slone, Times-Union.
An evening of one-act plays will take place tonight at the Warsaw Community High School Performing Arts Center.
Performances start at 7 p.m. and tickets are $8. One dollar from every ticket sold will go toward the purchase of new microphones, according to Director Dana McAfee. Donations also will be accepted to go toward the microphones.
If school is cancelled due to weather, the plays will be moved to Tuesday.
The WCHS Drama Department is presenting six one-act plays.
The first is “Courting 101,” a seminar on dating, according to a description provided by McAfee.
Written by Yuri Baranovsky, it stars Sam Reynolds as the professor, Brock Hogenson as Mark, Hailey Hershberger as Melody, Ella Doyle as audience member 1/Samantha, Jennifer Straits as audience member 2/waitress and Cayla Harris as Patrick. Directors are Heather Rickert, Hope Struck and Sydney Victa.
“Rapunzel Uncut” is about a narrator trying to tell the “real story” of Rapunzel.
Written by Mariah Everman, Erika Kelly plays narrator 1, Adalyn Chappell is narrator 2, Cami Brown is mother, Jordan Norris is father, Vanessa Ochoa is witch, Davin Broadhurst is prince, Natalie Oler is Rapunzel and Meghan Fresh and Olivia Gabrich are townspersons. It is directed by Megan Stevenson and Jasmine Stroup.
The third one-act play is “I’m A Teenager Get Me Out of this Family,” written by Jim Garvey. Two teenagers fight with their parents, and both the parents and kids audition for replacements.
In the one-act play, Alyssa Pena is Julie, Isa Silva is mom, Justin Park is dad, Fernando Niebbia is Johnnie, Deanna Folsom is cheerleader/dancer, Lily Gunder is chef kid/Betty, Braxton Stewart is militant dad, Bianca Jordan as advisor/Diane, Damian Jordan as rick kid/politician, Ethan Spencer as movie star/Bruce. It is directed by Ellie Lewis, Fernando Niebbia and Emma Spencer.
After a 10-minute intermission will be an episode of “The Twilight Zone” titled “The Monsters Due on Maple Street,” written by Rod Serling.
Actors include Gordon Horton as Steve, Jordyn Collins as Goodman, Ian Peloza as Charlie, Reagan Polk as Don, Eleanor Williamson as Sally & Others, Elena Crawford as Tommy & Others, Michelle Apeland as VanHorn, Brooklyn Gilstrap as Mrs. Brand, Ella Doyle as Others and Theo Cooke as narrator. Directors are Michelle Apeland and Theo Cooke.
“Dinner with the MacGuffins,” written by Jeff Group and Chris Sheppard, is about a family having a normal day until the son notices the audience and breaks the fourth wall.
The cast includes Josie Miller as Karen, Marie Henn as Helen, Sativa Graff as grandma, Maksym Hart as Dwight, Audrey Moore as Agent Smith, Madison King as Agent Wessen and David Howard as James.
Directors are Josh Fisher and Luke Howard.
The last play is “10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse,” written by Don Zolidis. The title is self-explanatory.
Olivia Johnson and Kennedy Moore play the narrators. Also in the cast are Carter Schuh as Jimmy, Garrett Rodgers as Sam, Katelin Stroup as Christy, Gracie Luce as Susan and Deanna Folsom, Cayla Harris and Jessica Pogue as zombies.
Directors are Sydney Gause, Danie Miner and Abby Seese.
The crew includes WCHS student Edward Bowald on lights. Judges for the one-act plays are teachers Debbie Chrisman, Brianne Flannigan and Emily Gough.