Pictured is Warsaw rapper Marcel Jones. He recently came out with a song about racial injustice called “The Message 2020.” Photo provided.
Pictured is Warsaw rapper Marcel Jones. He recently came out with a song about racial injustice called “The Message 2020.” Photo provided.
Warsaw rapper Marcel Jones was inspired by recent racial inequality protests when he wrote his new song titled “The Message 2020.”

The song came after Jones was arrested at a protest in Fort Wayne about two weeks ago.

Jones wrote the song 10 or 11 days ago and it was produced the next day.

Producer Morrison Agen with Berry Street Records produced the instrumentals for the song and Agen sent it to Jones. Jones then sat on it for a day or two, “then I wrote the song,” he said.

Jones also said Agen was able to get Brooke Simpson from “The Voice” to sing on the song and does the back up vocals on it.

Jones previously performed for Agen at Agen’s record store. Jones said Agen thought of him to do a song after he heard about Jones’ arrest.

“It’s kind of a protest song with a little bit of historical context,” Jones said, noting it kind of educates what black Americans have been through historically.

At the beginning and end of the song, Jones chants some of the names of black Americans that have been killed by police. The reason behind the chanting of the names, Jones said, is after the police killings, people tend to forget about them. “You can never forget,” he said. He said he also thinks it’s his duty to speak out.

“I hope (the song) ignites people not to stop protesting” because it’s putting pressure to make changes, he said, noting one of the changes is that some police officers have quit because they don’t like the protests. “I think the world has stood up and they’re sick of it.”

Jones also said he hopes his song motivates people to keep protesting because it’s working to make change.

Jones said he’s a serial protester.

“Anything I feel is a just cause, I try to be part of,” he said.

Besides participating in three protests in Fort Wayne and three in Warsaw since George Floyd’s death on May 25, he has also participated in a protest for the legalization of marijuana and performed at a protest for equal rights.

When asked about his opinion about the protests, Jones said, “I’m proud of them.”

However, he does think the media is giving a false narrative of rioting and looting at the protests.

“I think when the cops initiate aggressive behavior, that’s when the looting and rioting starts,” he said.

He said he has never said all police officers are bad. He noted there have been good police officers who have stood up and lost their jobs.

“It all depends on what side of history you want to be on,” he said.

The initial intension with “The Message 2020” was to make a single, but now Jones is saying Agen wants to do a project, “so we’re working things out.”

“The Message 2020” is available on all streaming platforms, like Spotify, for free. There is also a YouTube video of the song with footage from the protests.