Kelly Mager
Kelly Mager
Kelly Mager, author of “15 Ways For New Moms To Manage Stress & Stay Sane,” has switched her focus from moms to new dads in her second book, “New Job: Dad.”

Mager said “New Job: Dad” is a compliment to her first book and gives new dads tools for their new journey.

It discusses the easiest and most efficient ways to deal with daily situations dads face, covering topics parents usually only learn through trial and error, and typically too late in the game for a first child, according to a provided news release.

The idea for writing the book came in February when she was promoting her first book and was asked when she was going to write a book for dads.

She discovered current books for new dads typically only cover pregnancy and birth. Rarely covered are the first few days, weeks and years. Recognizing this void as a market gap, Mager got to work on a sequel book, but this time for dads.

Mager said after writing her first draft of the book, she was able to get input on it from fathers.

She talked to her husband to give feedback when the first draft was written. She also had a lot of other dads she knew read her book and give their input. She had their input added to the book.

She said the initial spark for writing parenting books came when the quarantine started and how it messed up her schedule and added stress.

She hopes her books help people with that same sort of stress. With her second book, Mager said she hopes dads are able to get the confidence and joy of being a parent.

“I want to share something that will allow people to enjoy being parents and be less stressed,” Mager said.

As far as feedback for “New Job: Dad,” Mager said she had a few people read it before it was published. One mother told Mager she enjoyed it so much, she read out sections to her husband.

The book was self-published Sept. 16. She went the route of self-publishing because the process of publishing a book traditionally is a long process and she wanted to be able to get the information out quicker. She also wanted a little bit more control over the process.

Mager said the book is available on Amazon and most e-reader platforms. If people buy from Amazon, they have the option to buy a paperback version of the book.