Pictured (L to R) are Richie McDonald, Tim Rushlow and Larry Stewart. Photo by Trae Edwards
Pictured (L to R) are Richie McDonald, Tim Rushlow and Larry Stewart. Photo by Trae Edwards
Having performed across the world and at President Donald Trump’s pre-inauguration concert Jan. 19, 2017, The Frontmen of Country are coming to the Wagon Wheel Center of the Arts Sunday.

The Frontmen include Richie McDonald, formerly of Lonestar; Larry Stewart, of Restless Heart; and Tim Rushlow, formerly of Little Texas. The three lead singers have over 30 combined No. 1 hits and collectively sold over 30 million records.

In a telephone interview Monday morning, from the back of the tour bus in Nashville, Tenn., Stewart said performing at the pre-inauguration concert for Trump was “overwhelming. A lot of people there on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. To think little ol’ us was asked to perform ... we got the opportunity to sing excerpts of our hits and ‘God Bless America’ with Lee Greenwood.”

He said when they were supposed to go on and perform, Trump asked that the concert not start without him because he wanted to take in the whole event. Once he and his people showed up, it was a little pandemonium. When The Frontmen were announced to go on, Stewart said they had to run out.

“Richie was sick, he had a terrible cold. It was cold outside. But it was an experience I’ll never forget, to get to play for any president,” Stewart said.

The Frontmen started about 10 years ago when Stewart and McDonald were doing a fundraiser in Baton Rouge, La. They were drinking coffee in the Marriott Hotel bar when McDonald told Stewart that solo artists get together for songs and events so he had an idea of three lead singers performing country together. Stewart said he’d love to do that, and they got with Randy Owen of Alabama for some performances. Owen went back to Alabama eventually, so Stewart and McDonald got with Rushlow.

The Frontmen perform during the cold wintry months when most acts are on hiatus. They’ve toured on military ships and in the Middle East. Stewart said performing for the military was the coolest experience they ever had because he didn’t grow up in a military family.

The experience was so good, they decided to perform together annually.

Then here lately, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Stewart said they decided to take it to another level with more performances.

As for deciding what songs to sing at concerts, the order, etc., Stewart joked, “I’m the oldest guy so what I say goes.”

Actually, though, he said they just figure it out and they all enjoy what they’re doing.

At the 7 p.m. Sunday performance at the Wagon Wheel, Stewart said they’ll sing their hits, but they’ll also tell the stories behind the songs. He said he likes the living room vibe that a place like Wagon Wheel offers and was looking forward to the show.

The Wagon Wheel show will be acoustic, but they’ll bring their guitar player with them, too, Stewart said.

“We’ll do all the hits. A bunch of hits. We’ll sing harmony together. Singing and talking together. We’ll have so much fun. I love singing their songs,” he said.

Asked what songs of his were his favorite and that he liked to perform at most of the shows, Stewart said “The Bluest Eyes In Texas.” He also likes “I’ll Still Be Loving You,” but “The Bluest” was probably at the top of his list.

Some of Lonestar’s hits include “Amazed,” “I’m Already There,” “Smile” and “Mr. Mom.” Hits songs by Little Texas include “God Blessed Texas,” “What Might Have Been,” “Amy’s Back in Austin” and “First Time for Everything.”

Stewart said The Frontmen were getting ready to go in and record some live music in six to eight weeks. They’ve already recorded “If It Wasn’t for the Radio,” which is available on Spotify and iTunes. He said the song speaks to them and what The Frontmen do.

For tickets to The Frontmen’s performance at the Wagon Wheel, call the box office or visit the website at www.wagonwheelcenter.org/events/frontmen-of-country/.

For more information about The Frontmen, visit the website at http://thefrontmenofcountry.com/.