Tom Roy is drawing from nearly half a century of experience in his new leadership book entitled “Flock.”

The book is targeted toanyone and everyone in positions of leadership in their respective fields, from coaches to executives, from parents to managers and from business owners to pastors, according to a news release from Tall Pine Publishing.

The book employs practical language, easy-to-grasp concepts and real-world examples to refine the leadership skills of the reader. “As someone who pioneered and led Unlimited Potential Inc. for decades as well as coached at multiple levels, Tom is more than qualified to impart timeless truths on this subject,” said the release.

Former major league player Don Gordon praised the book, “Flock is practical, honest, timely, helpful and humorous.” The now head of UPI, Mickey Weston said, “Tom not only leads well, but he also knows how to feed those under his care.”

The book is published by Tall Pine Books, based in Warsaw. It’s available on for purchase in both paperback and eBook formats.

“Flock” is Roy’s seventh book.