“The Spoon Man,” Jim Cruise, will perform a hilarious, interactive comedy program for all ages on May 29. His performance will begin at 7 p.m. at Milford School and is open to every family in the Wawasee Community School Corporation.  Doors will open at 6:30 p.m., so come early and get a great seat.

The “Spoon Man” gives a stirring performance. Every-one will really eat him up. No bibs required. The “Spoon Man” has a totally clean act. He never uses dirty silverware. The “Spoon Man” will leave a lasting impression after playing on you (literally). It’s a spoonful of family fun.

The Spoon Man has been playing for nearly 32 years. His program contains several outrageous impressions such as Glen Miller and Elvis combining together, A Heavy Metal Spoon Player and A Rap Spoon Player. He has an audience sing-a-long competition. He creates a Mountain Band out of members of the audience. You may also see him play forks and knives. In addition, if that is still not enough, everyone has an opportunity to get “spooned.”

This event is sponsored by Milford Public Library, North Webster Community Public Library, Syracuse Public Library, Wawasee High School Library, Wawasee Middle School Library, Wawasee Middle School PTO, Milford School and PTO, North Webster Elementary and PTO, and Syracuse Elementary and PTO.

Library Discontinues Freegal Service

Milford Public Library has discontinued membership to Freegal, a downloading service that allowed patrons to own free music, due to low circulation rates. The library is currently investigating alternative digital services that will serve our patrons. Patrons can still get free music through our CD collection. If you have any questions or comments, please call 658-4312 or email milford@milford.lib.in.us.

Library Seeking Summer Help

The library is hiring summer help. Those hired will work 20 hours a week for 12 weeks beginning May 21. Some evening and weekend hours. $7.25 an hour. Apply in person at the library.

New Releases This Month

The library will keep you entertained this spring with excellent new fiction and nonfiction books, audiobooks, DVDs, and CDs.

 New DVDs available this May include “Forever My Girl,” “Winchester,” “Let There Be Light,” and “Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell.”

Fifty Shades Freed was released Tuesday and “Samson: will be released on Tuesday. Patrons can check out “15:17 to Paris,” and the seventh season of “Call The Midwife” starting May 22.

New movies available for children include “Looney Tunes Super Stars: Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote-Super Genius Hijinks,” “Looney Tunes Super Stars: Tweety and Sylvester-Feline Fwenzy,” and “Looney Tunes Super Stars: Foghorn Leghorn & Friends – Barnyard Big-mouth.” Children can also enjoy watching “Paw Patrol: Summer Rescues,” “Hot Lead and Cold Feet,” starring Don Knotts, and “Peter Rabbit,” which is located in the adult department.

Listen to new CDs “Rearview Town,” by Jason Aldean and “PTX Presents: Top Pop, Vol. 1.”

The new fiction section will feature “The Gray Ghost,” by Clive Cussler, “Probable Claws,” by Rita Mae Brown, “The Other Lady Vanishes,” by Amanda Quick, and “Then She Was Gone,” by Lisa Jewell.

Books available in large print include “Princess,” by James Patterson, “The Cast,” by Danielle Steel, and “The Sometimes Sisters,” by Carolyn Brown.