Editor, Times-Union:

The China virus and that’s what it is. That’s the way it started and that’s where it ends! China’s propaganda machine is in full mode, along with Iran and Russia and, least but not last, the Democratic fake news media supported by the DNC and countless Democrats in Congress and Senate. The doctors and scientists that first uncovered and reported as early as mid-December will never be seen or heard from again. To be a whistle blower in China is the same as Iran, you’ll never see or hear from them again.

China wasted no time suppressing the news of the virus instead of getting hold of the situation. Fake news media that attack Americans, our president, in fact, all that oppose them. Just because of party affiliation or a different point of view pitts you against them. Fake news media that want to help communist countries on such magnitude to help China spread propaganda against our country rises to the same level as help someone join ISIS. Russia and Iran, I understand.?No surprise. But why would fake news media want to help corrupt nations to destroy America. No excuses for China to let this happen unless that was their plan to start with.

It would solve every economic problem for them. Destroy the number one economy in the world and you take their spot. It sounds like a play right out of the Democratic playbook. Destroy a enemy that you can’t beat any other way by lies, hoaxes, fake dossier! Sound familiar?

Rick Ellis